500 Static Poses of Low Poly People for ArchViz

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Denys Almaral
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That's right!, there you have 500 distinct fixed character poses! From 20 unique Low Poly rigged models I have set 25 poses, then for each pose remapped the texture to achieve 500 unique static clean models (with no rig). The result is a lightweight handy collection of 3D Low Poly people ideal for architecture visualizations. With an average of **1500 triangles** or **800 polygons** per character. And one color palette texture to rule them all! Files are organized in 3 different ways for your convenience: (1) All in one scene file. (2) Groups of 25 by scene file. (3) One model per file (500 separated files). **Note** that the original rigged characters are not included. But you can [get them from here](https://skfb.ly/o7IxM). ![](https://denysalmaral.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/archViz_demo03_freeToPremium.jpg) Do you only need a set of 20? Get them for [free on my website](https://denysalmaral.com/2019/12/20-static-posed-low-poly-free-3d-models.html).