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Urban panel buildingsurbanmodularbuildingscityUSSRpanelsbetonconcreteplasterwindowbrickglassopacity
Urban panel buildings
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Package Overview

This asset contains models of elements of urban panel buildings. Separate modules are wall blocks, porches, stairs, windows, balconies, loggias, roof parts and roof objects.

Thanks to the modular architecture, you can create prefabs of buildings of various heights, lengths, and an arbitrary number of floors. A set of materials and textures will allow you to create buildings of a realistic type. Types of buildings repeat the architectural heritage of the USSR and eastern Europe at the end of the 20th century.

The geometry of the asset objects is low-polygonal (max 16/10500 tris), I attached screenshots with a polygonal grid. Example:Wall panel with a balcony door, double glazed windows and fittings - 1372 Tris.

The texture resolution in the asset is 1024x1024 (for glass, etc), 2048x2048, 4096x4096. Some textures are seamless, but objects such as window frames, individual objects, etc. textured according to the original scans to give more realism.

The terrain and vegetation shown in the pictures are not included in this asset, and I added to the test project to create a lot of environment.