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PQ Modern Cityphasequadmoderncitymodularroadstreetlampposttownshoppropsurbanfacadebuildingbackyardskyscrapers
PQ Modern City
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Package Overview

PQ Modern City - Prefabricated modular city.

Good asset for creation game levels, architecture for render and maps for open world games.

Asset contains big library with meshes, textures, materials and prefabs for creation detailed optimized cities. Library composed from two parts: Buildings and Streets.
Used a special facade modelling system for optimization. You get a minimum polys for every facade, but save a good detailing for windows, shops, columns and more. Also increases a speed in creation buildings.

9 main different styles for bottom facades, include a backyards and mini markets and 9 main different styles for middle facades, include backyards and glassed facades for skyscrapers with semi and rounded corners. Separated extra details for more diversity. 6 styles for borders and roofs. Streets contains a many styles for cross roads and roads on 2 and 4 lines, parking and pavement system which contains a stairs and grass. Also inner system with lights for glassed facades.

Asset contains about 100 unique props for facades and streets, shop details, window frames, columns, roof and street details,

Set with many facade and concrete materials with normal and some height maps. Dozens of textures for all details, shops, windows, roads and more.

Beta: 8 enterable bottom facades with empty rooms and doors. Crossroads on 45 degrees.

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v.1.0.2b Little corrections before big update. Lights in prefabs, new textures for newspaper boxes.