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This city was created as a demo of my Medieval City Low Poly Pack, which can be purchased here: Every single asset used in this environment comes from that pack. It uses 4 different materials (five if we count the water, as it was separated for manual opacity control), each one with Albedo, Roughness, Normal, AO, Metallic and Opacity maps. Most textures (Environment, People and Market) are 1024x1024, and the one cotaining all the buildings is 2048x2048. Also, most of the details are contained on the normal map, resulting in a low poly count. Even if the scene reaches over 500k polys, keep in mind the size of the city. As for this scene, it has been something I've wanted to create for so many years, and I finally decided to make it with the pack. It even works as an UE4 level. I hope you like it! :D

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