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UK Asset Collection Part 2UKBritishterracedhousecommercialcityskylineukassetcollection
UK Asset Collection Part 2
273 Assets

Package Overview

Hello and welcome to the UK Asset Collection Part 2, this package contains the next 10 UK based packages that i have made, these small buildings are absolutely ideal for any background town / city scene. Just drag any of the prefabs into your project hierarchy to add an asset to your scene.

*** PLEASE NOTE - Only the buildings from the screenshots are included in this package ***

All of the packs listed below are included in this collection and the links will point you in their direction if you wish to purchase them on there own:

UK Apartments and Flats Pack 1
UK Detached Houses Pack 1
UK Pub Pack 2
UK Semi-detached Houses Pack 1
UK Semi-Detached Houses Pack 2
UK Terraced Houses Pack 4
UK Terraced Houses Pack 5
UK Terraced Houses Pack 6
UK Thatched Houses Pack 1
UK Village Houses Pack 1

Package Contents:
- 273 assets overall
- 1024x1024 resolution, Diffuse & Normal texture maps
- Contains the latest 10 of my UK asset packs

Triangle Counts:
Between 500 & 3000 Triangles

Extra Info:
If you have any issues then please don't hesitate to contact me >>

Thanks and enjoy.