Wow Legion - Corrupted Dwarf Forge Final Entry

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Hey everyone, this is my final entry for Sketchfab's Wow Legion Contest. It's a WoW PVP Arena with a Corrupted Dwarf Forge theme. *"Former Thaurissan's War General and Superior Chief Engineer Arkeram Stonebreaker, one of the more extremist dwarf among the Dark Iron Clan, severely disapproved the turn of events that took place after the War of the Three Hammers and left his clan to create in secret a new dwarf clan. He rallied to his cause what remaining solitary and extremist dwarf he could find and created in a, deep, secret place, a forge of a new kind to forever grant independence to his people.* *However, as years went by, he slowly went mad as he started to fool around Legion's goals and its dark powers. Nowadays the place has been consumed by it and demons and corrupted dwarfs have joined hands to forge weapons of a strength beyond imagination."* It's not polished as I hoped it would be, because you know, holidays :D, but it was definitely a fun challenge! Hope you like it! Thanks :)