Wreck SS Henry Chisholm - Lake Superior

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The SS Henry Chisholm was a wooden bulk freighter that sank in October 1898 after striking Rock of Ages reef near Isle Royale in Lake Superior. The shipwreck is broken up with the hull split open and the impressive steam engine exposed in 120-150ft of water. The drive shaft and single prop are still intact and attached. Swimming around the site you see large wrenches and artifacts scattered about. The rudder sits up on the reef at 70ft and the rest of the wreck is in shallower water intermixed with the wreck of the Cumberland. In the model you can see some of the rocky wall by the ship. The detail on the engine is always an impressive sight and the lack of mussels in Lake Superior allowing you to see the details in the wood, metal and artifacts is like going back in time. The photogrammetry model is 2280 images and took 50 minutes of bottom time at 150ft in chilly 37f degree water and 35 minutes of decompression to complete.

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