Female Boots Leather Skirt Top Black Outfit

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Can be fitted to any character Clean topology No overlapping smart optimum unwrapped UVs High-quality realistic textures FBX, OBJ, gITF, USDZ (request other formats) PBR or Classic Type user:3dia "search term" to search our other items in our store. 3diacontact@gmail.com (for custom requests) *ToS (The most flexible terms) - Derivative versions of our models (changing the texture or the form) can be used and resold on any platform, providing it does not resemble the original model (Minor tweaks are not accepted). - You can use our items as you wish in any video and published media production - You can use our items “as is” in your games, providing source files cannot be downloaded - You can use our items “as is” in your projects commercially and non-commercially, providing our model is not the main item you are selling - Our items cannot be freely distributed "as is" under any conditions. - The rest of the usage is subject to Standard Licensing*