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Kowos Anti Aircraft Rocket LauncherThe

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Jan Andreas
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The Kowos/Kolos was an experimental soviet Anti Aircraft Rocket Launcher designed to shoot down enemy aircraft by the use of 7 30mm NRS-30 rockets, interestingly the barrels muzzle get farther from the center of the launcher at the firing end, this was meant to give the 7 fired rockets more spread increasing the hit probability of the launcher. The concept for the Kowos is rather similar to the earlier German fliegerfaust (pilots fist) in design as the soviets after acquiring a couple of the said fliegerfausts studied it, then around the late 60s the soviets decided to create their own improved version which would have been easy and cheap to manufacture in large quantities and could be shipped to communist minded militant organizations across the world helping the soviet cause of spreading the tenants of communism. The Kowos Anti Aircraft Rocket Launcher never took to larger production as other Rocket Launcher proved to be better so only few prototypes were ever made.