Low Poly Christmas Pack 01

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This is a Low Poly Christmas Pack. This model is perfect to create a stylized low poly Christmas Pack. It has been modeled in Autodesk Maya and is compound about a lot of different materials with just colours and some textures. This model is composed about : 19 Normal Trees, 2 Bushes, 8 Trunks, 6 DryTrees, 16 Rocks, 3 Big Rocks, 5 Mushroms, 6 TreeBranches, 2 FlowerPlants, 2 FlowerGroups, 4 Herbs, 6 Bushes, 3 Snowmans, 1 Christmas House, 1 Christmas Holly Mistletoe, 1 Christmas Sled, 1 Christmas Tree, 5 Gifts, 4 Christmas Balls and 6 different Christmas Cookies. Don't doubt on contacting me so we can negociate whatever you want. I can modify some parts of the model if needed. If you like the model please give me some feedback, I would appreciate it. If you experience any kind of difficulties, be sure to contact me and i will help you. Sincerely Yours, ViperJr3D