Women Button Half Placket Knit Rib Tanktop

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# Women Button Half Placket Knit Rib Tanktop Version V1.0 Realistic high detailed Women Tanktop with high resolution textures. Model created by our unique processing & Optimized for Web and AR / VR. SKU: BCVAR1239 **Features** **Optimized & NON-Optimized obj model with 4K texture included** * Optimized for AR/VR/MR * 4K & 2K fabric texture and details * Optimized model is 3.31MB * NON-Optimized model is 8.72MB * Unit measurement of obj is cm * Woven fabric & print texture details included * GLB file in 2k texture size is 2.49MB * GLB file in 4k texture size is 8.01MB **(Game & Animation Ready)** * Unit measurement of glb is meter * Suitable for web application configurator development. * Fully unwrap UV * The model has 1 material * Includes high detailed normal map * Unit measurement was inch * Triangular Mesh with 19.9k Vertices * Texture map: Base color, OcclusionRoughnessMetallic(ORM), Normal For more details or custom order send email: hello@binarycloth.com # Website:[binarycloth.com](http://)