Furry orca

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This orca would have the typical sleek, black and white body of an orca, but with the addition of a thick, fluffy fur covering its body. The fur would likely be short and dense, with a soft texture and black or dark grey in color. The fur would add a layer of insulation to the orca, helping it stay warm in colder waters. In addition to its fur, this orca would also have a feline moustache, which would add a touch of whimsy to the creature's appearance. The moustache would likely be long and straight, extending from the sides of the orca's snout. The moustache would be a light grey or white color, in contrast to the dark fur of the orca's body. The orca's face would be a striking combination of orca and feline features. It would have a broad, black nose like an orca, but with the addition of the feline moustache. Created in Blender and Substance Painter