In the garden

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Joe McDowall
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This little garden was created primarily for practice; I wanted to create a new environment but keep the scope relatively small. A garden is perfect because in some ways it resembles a little world, with its own creatures, foliage and landscape. My texturing/material skills are not a strength yet so I was keen on exploring what detail I could achieve with using very simple painted textures. The whole project was mainly created using Blender, with a little bit of Photoshop for painting and post processing. The HDRI environment texture used was sourced from "nagoya_wall_path". At first I was planning to just produce a render from one angle, but later decided it would be nice to show off in Sketchfab. I then baked all textures for import into Sketchfab, it was a busy scene so I had to make some sacrifices in texture quality. I tried my best to keep the texture dimensions low so I could combine them for optimisation.