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**Max Headroom** model Based on the iconic sci-fi TV show character from the 80s, a digitally generated version of a deceased man's soul, portrayed by the actor Matt Frewer. No, the model has no hands, the original didn't either. The suit was a rigid prop composed of two "shells" (front and back) packed over Matt Frewer's body and that was all the viewer got to see of him. To achieve a better result, bear in mind that the character seen on the TV show was a mix of Matt Frewer features, makeup & props and screen effects. Also, most of the time he appeared on a CRT screen inside the spectators' own CRT screens; you might need to play around a bit with the aspect ratio and other effects to get "that" feeling. Albedo and normal map textures come in 4096x4096. The model is NOT rigged, althouth it's ready for it. Several Edge Split modifiers were added due to this site's showcase characteristics; remove them from the blend file. Have some suggestions or questions? Don't hesitate to contact me.