Prop Statue Bronze - Low Poly

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Matthew Hore
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Texture Types: Diffuse, Occlusion, Metal, Roughness UV Sets: 2 Polycount: 7.5k This statue was sculpted within zbrush and set up to be game ready, you can find multiple types materials for the statue on my profile. I have optimized the textures so you can find the Roughness, Metallic and Occlusion within the one texture to save space and help with performance. I have also provided 1k, 2k and 4k versions of each of the textures. The final will look best in the Unreal engine. I did plan on making them into one bundle but unfortunately, I have to sell them individually because of the file size limit, that said now you can look at every material individually and decide which one you want. **Disclaimer:** Materials from may have been used in the production of this statue. Also, you can find the project here! I have renders of some other materials in substance painters that I have uploaded here: