Psychic alien (bust) with enhancement drone

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Marc Virgili
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Hi there! Here's an exercise I've been doing for the past weeks, a small character concept. On the creative side I tried to form a small story behind the character and reflect it with assets. On the technical aspect the exercise has been a great chance to improve topology skills and software workflows for FBX objects. It's also been my first time texturing a skin and I learnt some new handy techniques with Substance Painter in the process. Sculpt and lowpoly were made in ZBrush and used Modo for UV retouch. Syrius is part of an ancient alien imperial race. They are extremely intelligent, small-hearted and super advanced in technology. All beings are incubated in genetic farms with specific profiles to serve the empire troops once they are adults. Syrius is a young psychic who is joining the troops next year. When they're born, all psychics receive 2 chip implants, a drone unit and a mineral gem. Read more about the objects in the annotations :) Project images: