The Train of Motörhead

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Andreas Fjell
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Though it ended up a bit too polygon-heavy, I am still happy how this turned out. My main difficulty was to render out curvature maps for the rust and scratch effects in Substance painter, but Xnormal does a good enough job after some tweaking around in Substance Painter. This is a model based off of Joe Petagno’s cover art for the 1986 album “Orgasmatron” by Motörhead. Petagno is the original artist behind Motörheads famous boar-like figurehead and the guy behind their album art. He has also created Led Zeppelins famous Icarus character and artwork for many other bands of different genres, even covers for sci-fi books. *Original image:* [](http://) It is one of my favorite album covers, and it captures what rock and metal should be, an fast and heavy rock and roll train coming out the speakers and through your brains. It was a great expericence to finally see the band live at Hellfest 2015. RIP Motörhead and Lemmy.