set of 2 squids ready to be eaten

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Mantas Talmantas
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A smoked squid snack I bought at a local beer shop. Created using photogrammetry. Automatic retopology and a set of PBR textures at 8k. (use black for metalness) Suits well to any sort of food set. The 3D model of the smoked squid snack created using photogrammetry is a highly detailed and accurate representation of the see food snack. The model accurately depicts the texture and shape of the snack, with intricate details such as the tender smoky flesh, the charred surface, and the delicate tentacles. The model has been created to showcase the snack's unique characteristics, such as its smoky aroma, juicy texture, and savory flavor. The 3D model is a perfect tool for demonstrating the snack's appeal to potential customers, as it allows them to see the snack from every angle and appreciate its intricate details. Additionally, the model can be used in virtual tastings, food presentations, and other digital marketing campaigns.

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