Her Ancestor - Make a Splash in Amsterdam

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Matteo Scopel
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CC BY 4.0

Asset Overview

# **Her Ancestor** ### *A take on [Blender 2.81's splash](https://bit.ly/3RWtH3l), created by [Alex Treviño](http://www.aendom.com) using a concept by [Anaïs Maamar](https://www.artstation.com/chatonlaser)* What happens if you take a scifi scene and set it in another time? Does its essence change? I believe it doesn’t. Whenever or wherever humans exist, their joy and their struggle is the same. Their actions are universal, their words speak to all ages and times. And so I’ve worked to bring this belief to life, creating what I imagined to be the shop of the ancestor of the original splash’ main character. I have set the scene in an era roughly based on Greco-Roman culture. I have used the following assets from Alex Treviño's splash, licensed under CC-BY: the girl's body mesh; her iris texture; the closet mesh. Every other asset has been created by me. During my creative process, [I've kept an updated WIP post](https://bit.ly/3DfR1Fe), documenting my progress. In it I've also shared my .blend file.