The Cursed Bard

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Bryan van der Linden
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A stylized project based on my own concept , which you can find here: where I went from sculpt to retopologized and optimized mesh, posed for a nice presentation Sculpting and base polypaint was done in Zbrush, whereas the retopologizing was done in max, and posing was done in Maya here's a short synopsis : The story is about a little cursed demon bard, whose music was so terrible, it made everyone flee the kingdom in panic! His screeching tunes could be heard for miles around, so not many would even dare get close. He's taken up residence in the throne room, which has fallen into a state of disrepair. Though there is no one left to take care of the castle, he doesn't mind , since all he cares about are his precious instruments and his throne. Many adventurers have tried (and failed) to retrieve the kingdom's long lost crown and treasures, only to leave the castle screaming, after the bard had set up tons of traps to ward off intruders. music by Liam Priestnal